Samstag, 30. November 2013

drawing challenge: everyday objects

This weekend the ingenious Kristen invited us to "everyday objects".
My Children love to play with the laundry basket. But today it was my turn. 
It´s quite a robust object. 

Have a nice weekend and don´t miss to visit Kristen and the others!

Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Teebeutel-Engel bei Sita / teabag paper doll mania 2

Ich freue mich sehr, denn meine Teebeutel-Engel können ab sofort 
am schönsten Stand vom Konstanzer Weihnachtsmarkt erworben werden
bei der zauberhaften -->Sita.

Today I am happy: 
my teabag angels are available at the christmas market at the fabulous -->Sita!

Direkt bei mir gibt´s die Teebeutel-Puppen natürlich auch.
If you would like to order one just let me know!

Vielen Dank - many thanks!

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

drawing challenge: autumn - Herbst

a picure of the artist´s son from 2007.
I love autumn: pumkins, "Erntedank" (harvest festival), knitting and my birthday, of cause ;-)

you will find more autumn impressions at royal Ariane - have a nice weekend!

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Agenda 2013: 29.10. - 20.11.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope you´re fine -
Vielen Dank für Eure Besuche, habt einen schönen Tag!

Freitag, 15. November 2013

Samstag, 9. November 2013

drawing challenge: tattoo

big toad
150x90 cm, mixed media on canvas, 1997

Wonderful Patrice is our host this weekend, please go to see the other participants at her blog!


While watching the pictures at Patrice blog I remembered this painting from 1997.
I did it at art school for my degree.

During that time I was fascinated (and I´m still) by ancient paintings, cave paintings etc.
Marija Gimbutas and her book "the language of the goddess" was a big inspiration.

The toad is a goddess, her skin is covered with lines coming from the past...
I scratched them in plaster, I wanted it to look very very old, an invitation to touch it and to follow those lines with your fingers.
Quite a big size (for me): 150 x 90 cm.
Unfortunately I only got this fuzzy picture. But I hope you can get an impression!

Have a fine weekend! 

And I´d like to invite you for my giveaway and new artist booklet.
There are still 3 available in my shop.